Free access to a Teledoctor while you travel

All of our policies provide you with access to a 24x7 emergency medical team for major medical emergencies.

For more minor injuries, your policy covers the costs (by reclaim) of seeing a local private doctor. While sometimes seeing a doctor in person is required in many cases it's more convenient to speak to a Teledoctor.

Our Teledoctor service is available 24x7, in english, from the comfort of your hotel and it's totally free. In most cases they'll be able to issue you a prescription you can use locally if needed.

How it works

1. Go to the Your Policies page and click on 'More' next to your policy.

Screenshot showing the location of the 'More' button on a policy on the policy list page

2. Click on 'Speak with a doctor'.

Screenshot showing the location of the 'Speak with a doctor' button

3. Confirm that you are currently travelling outside the United Kingdom.

Screenshot showing the checkbox for the action mentioned above

4. Note down your access code and select the insured traveller in need of medical assistance.

Screenshot showing the position of the access code and traveller selection dropdown

5. You will then be transferred to the Doctor Please! platform where you can request a phone or video appointment.