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The tips and advice below represents the official guidance from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), please note that we do not cover travel to any country to which the FCDO have advised against all (but essential) travel.

26 Sep 2020

The Thai Government’s visa amnesty for all visa types ended on 26 September. If you are in Thailand but do not have a valid visa you should speak to an Immigration Office immediately; updated entry and transit criteria ('Entry requirements' page).

Updated information on local travel - national strikes planned to commence Monday 28 September ('Summary' and 'Safety and Security - Local Travel' pages).

Further update following a knife attack in Paris ("Summary" page)

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Addition of information about violent clashes in Lubumbashi ("Summary" section)

Limited resumption of international flights to Miami. Reported rise in cases of malaria on the North Caribbean coast ('Summary', 'Coronavirus', 'Safety and security' and 'Health' pages)

On arrival, travellers from the UK will be required to quarantine at Barbados government approved facilities. Further PCR tests and quarantining may be required. This may result in a mandatory stay in Barbados ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

25 Sep 2020

From 28 September, travellers from the UK will only be allowed entry to Tunisia if they are a Tunisian national or a permanent resident - British nationals who are not permanent residents will not be permitted to enter. Updated testing and quarantine procedure ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages)

Update to information on quarantine on entry to Switzerland for travellers who have visited Gibraltar or the British Virgin Islands within the past 10 days ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages).

Updated information for Meskel and Irreecha celebrations ('Summary' page).

Hong Kong
Update to information on testing and quarantine requirements for entry to Hong Kong ('Entry requirements' page)

From 28 September, travellers who have visited the UK in the past 10 days will be required to quarantine for 10 days on entry to Liechtenstein, regardless of nationality ('Entry requirements' page).

Addition of information on the removal of internal COVID-19 restrictions by the Sudanese authorities and update on severe flooding (‘Coronavirus’ and 'Natural disasters' pages)

Updated information on extension to temporary measures for foreign citizens and stateless persons who are staying in Russia ('Entry requirements' page)

South Africa
Updated information on a change to South Africa’s rules on international flights from 1 October and update to information on available flight options from South Africa ('Return to the UK' page).

Updated information on new measures that the Irish Government has introduced on 25 September ('Coronavirus' page)

Update on the extension of the ‘Epidemic Emergency’ situation until 30 November 2020 (‘Coronavirus’ page).

Sierra Leone
Updated information on entry and exit COVID-19 protocols (‘Entry requirements’ page).

Updated entry rules in response to COVID-19 for non-EU and non-EEA citizens ('Entry requirements' page).

Myanmar (Burma)
Update on the suspension of international commercial passenger flights until 31 October ('Summary', 'Coronavirus', 'Return to the UK' and 'Entry requirements' pages).

Update to information on arrivals to Uzbekistan (‘Entry requirements’ page).