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We offer a range of products independently rated as 3, 4 or 5-star products by Defaqto which we benchmark against similar products on a regular basis - offering savings of over 50% compared to some leading brands. Our policies include a wide range of cover from emergency medical expenses to personal belongings protection, ensuring you and your loved ones are fully protected abroad. With millions of travellers using CoverForYou to stay safe abroad, and our customers rating our products and service 5-star on independent review site Trustpilot, you can be sure you are in safe hands with us.

We also offer a gadget cover add-on, allowing you to cover a wide range of electronics abroad. Benefits include protection against damage, loss, theft and unauthorised usage, meaning you won't lose out if you run into issues abroad. Our gadget insurance includes cover for Mobile Phones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Camera's, Go Pro's, Smartwatches and Laptops; alongside a large number of other devices.

We only compare competitor products that either match exactly or are lower than ours in at least 2 out of 3 of the key benefit areas. These key benefit areas are Medical Expenses, Cancellationand Baggage. The level of cover in these key areas are shown in the below travel insurance comparison table for easy comparison, as are the relevant excess levels.

The 'Price inc Max Club Discount' includes a 20% discount for Gold Members of the CoverForYou Club - policy holders can sign up to the CoverForYou Club here.

5 Day Trip to New York for an Individual (Age 45)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£27.99£27.99
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£82.15£82.15
5 Day Trip to Rome for a Couple (Age 40)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£16.18£16.18
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£31.54£31.54
5 Day Trip to Dubai for a Couple (Age 25)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£30.13£30.13
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£134.56£134.56
8 Day Trip to Spain for 4 Family Members (Parents Aged 40, Child 1 Aged 10 and Child 2 Aged 8)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£60.54£60.54
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£90.30£90.30
8 Day Trip to Florida for 4 Family Members (Parents Aged 45, Child 1 Aged 12 and Child 2 Aged 10)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£175.72£175.72
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£147.49£147.49
15 Day Trip to Thailand for a Couple (Age 35)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£81.52£81.52
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£184.85£184.85
Europe Annual Multi-Trip for an Individual (Age 30)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£59.30£59.30
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£64.09£64.09
Worldwide (incl.) Annual Multi-Trip for a Couple (Age 40)
Medical ExpensesCancellationBaggageExcessPricePrice inc Max Club Discount
Insure & Go£10,000,000£5,000£2,000£60£267.92£267.92
Post Office£10,000,000£5,000£3,000£50£227.96£227.96

Our travel insurance comparison is updated on a regular basis. This table was last updated on the 18th September 2023.

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